The Two Bears // Live Review

XOYO – June 21st

two bears

In that impractically shaped XOYO smoking area I overheard “I didn’t know 2 bears is hot chip!” Fair enough. Who can keep track in a world where Matt Horne DJs and DJ Campbell doesn’t. However, knowing that bear #1, Joe Goddard, straddles both groups is a good rough guide to The 2 Bears’ sound: a MOR and accessible, slightly garage-esque, house.

In terms of track selection, the 2 bears’ penultimate set of their 12 week XOYO residency was a dancy affair. Penultimate must be hard. Everyone who wants to see a resident probably has after 11 weeks, and it’s not like it’s a last night blow-out. Regardless, Goddard and bear #2 Raf Rundell did a good job. Their own tracks and lyrics promote this guard-down atmosphere of camaraderie which invites punters to connect with their dancefloor neighbours, perfectly suited to the “talk to everyone, forget about everyone” nature of East London clubbing.

Meanwhile, in Room 2, Jarvis Cocker was doling out his history of electronic music, explaining in a modulated voice how we all have the Bee Gees to thank for raves and blah blah zzzZZZZZZ…. Just play some good songs. He did eventually shut up and play some good songs, although it was weird hearing Rebel Rebel in XOYO. It wasn’t widely appreciated, or even listened to, as people scampered down the stairs for the genre they were expecting to hear. I guess if you’re Jarvis Cocker you can just do whatever you want.