We caught up with The Tuts ahead of their performance at the Solidarity Not Silence benefit show alongside Dream Nails, Girli and Alice Go & Bella Pod.

The Tuts have long been one of the best and brightest new bands in the UK, for what they do and what they represent. This all-female, all-feminist, DIY “3-Tone” trio (of proud Caribbean, English and Indian/Pakistani origin) are avatars in the ongoing debate over inclusivity in the music scene, as well as a powerful musical unit by any standards. The Tuts have conclusively confirmed that a band can still survive and thrive on today’s terms with the right combination of graft and tenacity, building a fan base so strong that they hit their album crowd-funding target on Pledge Music within 5 days of the launch.

The band met as teenagers and learned the fierce working-class work ethic that has them literally doing-it-themselves. We’re excited to see them playing at Oslo, Hackney next month on 5th December. Tickets on sale now – get yours here. The show will feature awesome feminist punk from the piece alongise Dream Nails, plus DJ sets from Girli, Alice Go and Bella Pod.

We caught up with The Tuts ahead of the show to find out about a few things that make them tick (or not)…

Three words to describe our/my music

Beverley: Uniting all the races

Nadia: old man punk

Harriet: Three Tone Queens

Favourite ever film…

Beverley: Billy Elliot

Nadia: four weddings and a funeral

Harriet: Scream

Favourite instagram account…

Nadia: my own

Harriet: @bunnypapillon

Beverley: David Lachapelle

The best venue I’ve played…

Our own headline show at the Lexington when our album up date your brain dropped. It was electric.

Nadia: KOKO

Harriet: The Oslo in Hackney. Although it hasn’t happened yet and we’re playing there on the 5th December for the Solidarity Not Silence benefit I can tell it’ll be the BEST

The song I can’t listen to…

Harriet: There’s this weird remix of the ‘combine harvester’ song that makes me feel motion sick

Beverley: Katrina and the waves- Love shine a light

Nadia: everything on mainstream radio

The worst job I’ve ever had…

Beverley: Matalan

Harriet: Brentford Football club serving burgers

Nadia: Sales assistant in a shop called Menkind

My favourite meal to cook…

Harriet: Vegan Tacos

Nadia: I prefer someone else to cook

Beverley: Pasta

If I was in a tribute band it would be…

Beverley: Vengaboys

Nadia: the libertines or spice girls

Harriet: Avril Lavigne- exclusively playing the ‘Let Go’ album

My Favourite word….

Nadia: kutar

Berveley: Confidence

Harriet: Papillon

If I had a superpower I’d want it to be….

Nadia: bring justice to legal cases

Bev: Bottomless stomach

Harriet: Time travel/teleportation

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…

Bev: USA

I think you should listen to… 

Nadia: Colour Me Wednesday

Beverley: SZA

Harriet: Joyce Delaney

If I could see anyone play live it would be…

Nadia: Amy Winehouse

Beverley: SZA

Harriet: Ariana Grande front row


Tickets for Solidarity Not Silence are on sale now.