The Staves – If I Was // Album Review

91560Atlantic – out now

Brushing off those winter cobwebs and watching bulbs bloom into flowers again, is what listening to The Staves’ new album, If I Was, feels like. Following up from their debut, Dead & Born & Grown, the British folk-rock trio of sisters’ latest record witnesses both an injection of muscle and much-heightened ambition compared to its forerunner. ‘Blood I Bled’ exposes sublimely harmonised lyrical power, whilst wistful dives of tumbling guitar link together with orchestral violin to create a truly mesmerising opening track. ‘Let Me Down’ highlights a softened exquisiteness, before leading into ‘Black & White’; a revved-up version of the rest of the album that sees the girls plug in their electric guitars for upbeat detonation. Sometimes, just sometimes, things fall together so faultlessly that you wouldn’t want to change a thing and, for The Staves, the triumphant If I Was fits that standpoint perfectly.

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