The Spook School – Try To Be Hopeful // Album Review

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The DIY queer punk scene has experienced a resurgence across the UK, as evidenced by the increasing amounts of queer punk releases and specialist festivals, including London’s very own Bent Fest back in April. The Spook School have already achieved enough notoriety to tour internationally and have a sit down interview with Laura Jane Grace from Against Me! for Rolling Stone. Try To Be Hopeful builds on this reputation with stacks of jangly pop with nuanced lyrics about identity and sexuality, delivered with exuberant glee on ‘Burn Masculinity’ and ‘Binary’. Sometimes the Edinburgh quartet can come across a little twee, and the production is muffled at points, but ultimately this record succeeds because of its earnest, uplifting spirit. A reason to be hopeful, indeed.

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Live: The George Tavern – November 22nd