Why do you live in London?
We were both born and raised in South West London and haven’t really left. Joey went to Glasgow for a bit to seek inner peace but was back within 6 months. We live in the city but more importantly it lives in us, like some kind of bacteria. It has spells of good form and bad form. It’s with us for life.

What are your go-to places to eat and drink?
Anywhere normal and honest is what we like. The Sam Smiths pubs in Central, the Ethiopian food in Holloway. We are aware there’s a food and drink culture for a certain type of person but we have zero interest in or contact with that.

It’s summertime in the city – how do you like London when the sun’s shining?
There’s a certain energy in the air where it feels like bizarro land and it may kick off at any moment. It all culminates in August bank holiday at carnival, when everyone has truly lost the plot.

What’s the best way to spend one really good day here?
Get on the DLR, sit at the front and pretend you’re the driver.

Do you have any favourite outdoor spaces?
Three Mills Island in the East End is my favourite. There’s a couple of beautiful statues, one very moving one commemorating an industrial accident a long long time ago. Then you have Battersea Park in South West which is simply London’s best park.

What’s the worst thing about London?
Some of the people. Remember they voted Boris Johnson as mayor. Twice.

Do you have any favourite venues?
We’ve had some incredible sing alongs at the Lock Tavern in Camden. Also, the magnificent Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club was our biggest gig to date. We’d love to bring it home to one of the old South West venues. Half Moon in Putney, anyone?

Does living here influence the music you write?
Absolutely, the first song we wrote was ‘Home Sweet Home’. We knew it needed to be London-centric. One of the original lyrical ideas was “all the girls are at parties in Peckham” which triggered the London idea. It turned into a song about coming home from a night out being very much in love with the city but mourning it’s disappearing niches.

How would you advise someone to get the most out of London?
Walk or cycle everywhere. Get lost in the back streets, avoid the main roads. Don’t smoke too much of the skunk.

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