The Pretty Reckless // Live Review

Electric Ballroom – March 24


The Pretty Reckless, as usual, are causing controversy and splitting public opinion. Their new album ‘Going To Hell’ has fans questioning if they’re merely an amalgamated blend of rock band stereotypes and initiators of formulaic hits rolled into one, or if they genuinely believe in their own creative direction. Tonight’s sold out gig at the Electric Ballroom is sure to test this debate.

Arriving half an hour late to a gig on a Monday night isn’t the best way to please a crowd it has to be said, but all is forgiven as the peroxided mass of curls that is Taylor Momsen takes to the stage. It’s clear from the thronging high-pitched screams and hysteria that tonight will be all about the goth-queen.

After an awkward ringing of sex noises ‘Follow Me Down’ secures power charged riffs and headbanging a plenty. Older song ‘Zombie’ stands out as Momsen holds herself confidently in front of appreciative diehard fans filming the occasion.

The gig begins to flounder in consistency though; as between every song Momsen implores more screams from adoring fans in what seems to be just a desperate attempt to recharge her ego.

The bands first hit, ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ proves they do have what it takes to provoke gut wrenchingly awesome hits, which contain power and precision without becoming overly cheesy.

That’s the drawback with the Pretty Reckless, it can be hard to take them seriously, but when you do look past the heavy eyeliner and gothic typecast, underneath it all there is a band who seriously know how to rock. Adequately summing up the bands image, ‘Going to Hell’ has Momsen screaming at the audience: “You’re all fucking going to hell!” before returning for an encore.

If you can look past the delayed start and slightly tawdry displays of theatrics then you’ll see that The Pretty Reckless embrace the fact that they’re a little odd and really who’s going to shun them for that?


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