The Prettiots // Listen

You know those bands, right? Those bands? The ones everyone tells you to listen to and you listen to and you think, “Yeah, this is alright,” and forget about them?The Prettiots are the opposite of those bands, The Prettiots are one of those rare gems of instantaneous joy, The Prettiots are – basically – life-affirming. It does take a certain suspension of prejudice to get started because, well, there’s a fucking ukulele in the band and we’ve all been burned before, but once you get past your fear of overly cutesy, twee-folk-pop, you’re set. That’s not necessarily to say their music isn’t cutesy or twee, but that it’s so damn good you won’t really care.

In terms of what they’re saying beyond the instruments, there have been few recent artists so genuinely accomplished or self-assured. The trio’s songs are littered with seriously funny lyrics, but at times the comedy’s so fucking dark you want to cry; the musical equivalent of an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, what Father John Misty would sound like if you stripped him of his overinflated ego and other flaws.

‘Suicide Hotline’, for instance, sees Kay Kasparhauser simultaneously lamenting her misery and counting her blessings (“Woolf took a dip with some rocks in her pockets/I’d say comparatively I’ve got a bad case of the fuck its”) while at other points her less structured, awkward train-of-thought writing style recalls the likes of Jeffrey Lewis: “He was so good at texting, but our real conversations vexed me, so I moved onto the next thing, cause he was only good at texting”, she sings on ‘Boys (I Dated In Highschool)’.

There’s something very current about The Prettiots, and their music is hugely reflective of their youth – although absolutely not in a way that suggests inexperience or naivety. Crucially, in an era of global uncertainty, their cynical, introspective outlook is utterly relatable and honestly, above all, it’s just a great deal of fun.

We’re super excited to see them play The Great Escape 2016 too! Get tickets now.

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