This is the third year of the Lock Tavern Festival, and it looks like they might just have got their best line-up yet together. Four days of up-and-coming LiS favourites. In an awesome venue. All for free (RSVP on Dice). How do you better that? Well, there’s also an expanded burger and pie menu — it’s almost like they know us. You won’t be able to have more fun in Camden, or the rest of London than this festival, so they’ve gone through and picked five brilliant bands that’ll be gracing the stage this weekend to get us even more exciting.

Skinny Girl Diet – Silver Spoon

We’ve been fans of this trio since they first started out and it’s great to see them get the attention they deserve over the last 12months or so. They played for us a couple of years ago and to have them headlining the festival now is kind of like them returning as alumni to give a valedictorian performance. Their songs are filled with a genuinely rebellious attitude that is missing from a lot of music these days but it’s also incredibly fun live.

Rats On Rafts – The Last Day On Earth

There are a few stand outs on their Tape Hiss LP. After listening to this track, head straight for ‘Sleep Little Child’ but for sheer propulsive energy ‘The Last Day On Earth’ is probably the one we’re most looking forward to hearing in the flesh. With its frantic guitars and crashing cymbals it’ll certainly get you out of bed in the morning.

Sweat – Tambourine

What’s apparent immediately is that these guys are excellent songwriters, both lyrically and melodically, layering 80s synths, winding guitars and muffled drum licks over each other seamlessly. ‘Tambourine’ is an immersive, swaying introduction to a band that are set to play much larger stages than the Lock in the near future.

Peaness – Fortune Favours The Brave

What we’ve tried to do over the past Lock Tavern Festivals is to curate a line up that varies from the heavier, high octane rock stuff to bands that are perhaps a bit more poppy, so it’s great to be able to include Peaness this year. ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ comes off their delightful ‘No Fun’ EP full of spring time indie-pop ditties.

Virgin Kids – Cracks In A Colour

They’ve garnered a lot of comparisons to a number of bands of Burger Records lineage and you can see why. While there’s a no nonsense, unabashed nature to a lot of their garage rock that skips any of the pretence and just gets straight into destroying a mosh pit, ‘Cracks In A Colour’ is a little more considered in structure. Having said that, we imagine there will be a fair amount to clean up after these guys play.

Find out more about the festival here.