The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams | Album Review

The Hold SteadyWashington Square // out now

Charlie Chaplin, so the story goes, once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition and came in second place. Six albums into The Hold Steady’s career, and do you see where this analogy is going?

Remarkably, for a band of middle-aged, self-professed bar-rockers, their popularity seems in no danger of waning and their consistent ability to release good – if not great – records earns them some sort of respect. Teeth Dreams delivers everything we’ve come to expect: it’s about as surprising as watching a rerun of Friends, but as deeply comforting too. So yes, if you love the Hold Steady you’ll enjoy this record. If you don’t love the Hold Steady, what’s wrong with you?


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Live: Bush Hall – May 5th