Wichita – September 14th

Brisbane’s The Goon Sax released their gloriously ramshackle indie pop debut and toured across the globe before they’d even left high school, a stunning display of youthful creativity unaffected by the throes of adulthood.

In more than one sense, then, We’re Not Talking is a graduation; it boasts a fuller, rounder sound, more assured, but no less fey. ‘Make Time 4 Love’ is a bold opening gambit, all horn trills and castanet shakes, while the ultra-infectious ‘She Knows’ rattles along with some sort of ramshackle precision.

It feels like Beat Happening locked in Antipodean adolescence, while there are shades of The Pastels’ early minimalism, too. Bold, fearless, and lovelorn, We’re Not Talking proves that pop remains the most divine form of communication.

Photo by Ben O’Connor.

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Live: The Garage on October 16th