The Go! Team – The Scene Between // Album Review

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For all their pilfering of global pop, The Go! Team’s sensory onslaught often evokes a trip down their hometown landmark, Brighton Pier. The clattering breaks, tweeter-tearing guitar, contorted samples and brassy J-popisms summon the clamorous soundclash of the arcades, the butterfly-bellied thrills of the fairground, the queasy sugar-rush of cheap treats. Happily, on The Scene Between, Team captain Ian Parton’s gift for impactful vocal hooks (sung here by assorted female leads) and euphoric melodic swells is to the fore, binding the bedlam with moments of clarity – the fluorescent glam of ‘Blowtorch’; ‘Waking The Jetstream’’s gorgeous shimmy; the Fuzzy-Felt Family Stone of ‘Her Last Wave’ – that are as exhilarating as a glimpse of that blue ocean, as revitalising as a lungful of sea breeze.

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Live: Village Underground – June 17th