Electric Ballroom – 21st March

Given that Camden is known for its hectic mish-mash of styles gone by, there is perhaps no better place in London to catch genre blending duo The Garden. Twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears from Orange County weave a beguiling tapestry of surf, indie, drum ‘n’ bass, rap and more with no regard for notions of uniformity.

Though this might sound hard to digest on paper, The Garden somehow makes it work both live and on record. And not just work but bang. Tonight at Electric Ballroom Camden is no exception and it is nearly impossible to avoid the mosh pit unless you are safely tucked away at the back of the room.

Tracks from the band’s latest LP, Mirror Might Steal Your Charm, provide some the sets most dizzying highlights. Gun fingers become fists as drum ‘n’ bass rave ‘Make a Wish’ is burst asunder to give way to a Beastie Boys-style rap on ‘Banana Peel’. New Wave-style anthems ‘Call The Dogs Out’ and ‘No Destination’ re-light the atmosphere to transform the room into a different gig entirely but still offer the energetic crowd no respite (at one point a couple fall out of the mosh pit passionately necking).

The twins, both models in their spare time, look like Street Fighter characters in a 16-bit bout, as they flick between bass and drum duties. It is the fact that they have the looks and delivery to pull off their sound that makes the difference between this and other bands for whom the splicing of varying styles might seem like an amateur shortcoming.

The dashing duo thank the crowd for sticking around for the encore and treat the room to ‘Vada Vada’, a manic 40 second track which serves as the band’s manifesto for: “total freedom of expression without boundaries or guidelines of any sort”. It’s a philosophy they practice as well as preach.

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