101036Kompakt – April 1st

The start of Swedish soundsmith Axel Willner’s fifth album picks up just where he left off on Cupid’s Head with an austere 4/4 beat and a swirling pitched synth line drilling into your skull. But the epiphany comes halfway through the ten-minute track when he drops in a lovely booming and fuzzy bassline. It’s enough to drive you loopy. But that’s always been Willner’s calling card as he pushes, pulls and layers loops within an inch of their lives. Unusually he’s coated each of the six tracks here with a majestic smear of hazy pop sheen to offer a bit more warmth. Yet whenever he drops that veneer out of the mix he’s serving notice that his hard-edged techno is still as commanding as ever.

Buy: The Field – The Follower

Live: Moth Club – April 30th