The Drink – Company // Album Review

87353Melodic – out now

As first tracks go, ‘Microsleep’, the initial, jarring three minutes from The Drink’s debut LP, flirts with offering a somewhat spiritual experience. Perhaps it’s the angelic chorus of falsetto, but as soon as the guitars rumble into throaty refrain, it is clear that the London three-piece are worshipping at the steps of a very different altar. For the most part, Company is a record of irresistible contrast; ‘Junkyard’s bruising crack of knuckles is certainly at odds with the breezy pop of ‘Desert’, riffs seemingly swiped from the fingertips of the Pixies battling gloriously against Dearbhla Minogue’s harmonious vocals. Undoubtedly unique, this is a heady concoction to savour.


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