The Catenary Wires – Red Red Skies // Album Review

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Two decades on from indie pop’s pinnacle, and the music press that initially reviled it have had a sudden change of heart. The likes of Sarah Records were routinely berated in weeklies like the NME, only to declare them the second greatest indie label of all time in 2015. Always ones for sticking to their words, then – but it indicates just how relevant its infallible, amateur pop sound remains, more so now than ever. Catenary Wires being a case in point: indie pop royalty Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey depart from their usual predilection for fuzzy 60s girl­group hooks on mini-album Red Red Skies and replace it with a more gentle, melancholy sound, though an innate knack for melody remains a constant theme, with Amelia’s saccharine voice being a familiar and prevailing aspect. Red Red Skies will no doubt tug at the heart strings.

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