100947Thrill Jockey – March 18th

No One Deserves Happiness; a melodramatic title belying so little of the genuine trauma of its contents that it’s laughable. In their latest release, The Body have created a genuine doom-nasty, oscillating between the schlock of sludge metal and the beguiling texture of noise rock. And for how that sounds, it’s a nuanced effort, amidst the piercing howls and squalls of digital feedback. ‘Hallow Hollow’ is an utter horror, a siren call winding a melody through the noise, while ‘Starving Deserter’ and ‘Shelter Is Illusory’ mix weed smoke with the dry ice in slabs of desert rock doom. Combine this with the scattered Trent Reznor-aped soundscapes of ‘The Myth Arc’ and you have an uneven listen that revels in its ability to surprise.

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Live: Electric Brixton – April 13th