Fiction Records – January 10th

There’s a new Moon. It’s still full. But we’re seeing it from a different, distant, philosophical perspective. Whereas 2017’s stellar giant leap, Love In The 4th Dimension was packed with stratospheric, rocket-boosted, guitar-driven claims such as, “I’ll be formidable,” 2020 brings us the vulnerable, Earth-bound Walking Like We Do. Their debut showed them reaching up and scraping the sky. In contrast, The Big Moon’s return orbits around everyday human flaws.

Track one, ‘It’s Easy Then’, tells of “Waiting for the piano to fall,” epitomising the realistic sense of self-doubt that Juliette Jackson’s lyrics convey throughout. It also symbolises the bold sonic innovation they’ve made: the keyboard has landed. Surely, if Neil Armstrong were alive today, he’d proudly plant a bloody big flag on this album.

Photo by Pooneh Ghana.

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Live: Rough Trade East on January 10th and Oslo on March 4th