Fiction Records – April 7th

There’s a definite vitality to The Big Moon’s long-awaited debut Love In The Fourth Dimension – from start to finish it brims with enormous hooks and dinosaur riffing. In fact, not a single moment on the LP suggests they’re short of inspiration. The high points all verge on unforgettable with ‘Bonfire’ an early highlight thanks in large part to Juliette Jackson’s hair raising caterwauling. The Big Moon cram hooks into every section of their songs while keeping things resolutely indie and guitar based. At times it begins to feel over familiar, especially when they keep so closely to the formula found in groups like The Libertines and Palma Violets. Love In The Fourth Dimension occasionally feels like brit rock served at a time when nobody ordered it. As such, it’s hard to totally fall crazy over, seeming more like an anachronistic oddity than a vital product of our time. It will appeal to a devoted and decidedly indie type of listener, but at this point in the group’s sound it all sounds fairly derivative. Nevertheless, it’s brimming with charm, and The Big Moon are certainly one of the most capable new bands making music today. Their natural ear for a good hook makes it a safe and dependable album to stick on, but for their next effort they’ll have to take the training wheels off.

Live: Village Underground on May 2nd

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