Bermondsey Social Club – 5th April

Tucked away under a railway arch in South London, the Bermondsey Social Club is packing out and under the rumbling sound of passing trains you can feel excitement grow with each second. The room is a lit fuse from the get go with ‘Silent Movie Susie’, the band already having to steady a crowd on the verge of ecstasy as they sing “come back for the summer”. But as much as the indie buoyant chorus of ‘Cupid’ is executed with the same shining quality as their record and how ‘Sucker’ beautifully finishes off the show like a bewildering whirlwind of hopeless love, the real weight of the Big Moon’s set list is their new album material.

Whether it’s the raucous riffs coming from Soph Nathan on ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘The Road’, or Juliette Jackson’s impeccable voice, the band provide a heavy dose of guitar work and harmonies that runs potent and enduring throughout, sounding like what can only be described as the hallway listening of two suburban siblings in separate rooms blasting Elastica and Pixies. With Celia Archer and Fern Ford doing a faultless job of providing the backbone of the band, there was no shyness in putting just as much heart into the show as structure, upholding momentum with fuzzy bass lines and thundering percussions.

It’d be ridiculous to say Love In The 4th Dimension will not become one of the most infectious indie albums of 2017, but to see an incredibly pitch for pitch performance of it live is essentially why you shouldn’t be reading this review and instead booking tickets to their next show.

The Big Moon – Love In The 4th Dimension
April 7, 2017 – Fiction