Scala – 3rd November

The Big Moon haven’t done many hometown headline shows – but they do them bloody well. As they take to the Scala stage for their biggest and easily most significant yet, there’s not a shred of doubt in the air that they’re going to smash it.

In ‘Silent Movie Susie’, the quartet have spark-igniting, immediate crowd-pleaser of an opener. It’s the kind that other bands might save for later in – or to wrap up – a set, but The Big Moon have so many of them in their repertoire that there’s little need for them to worry about placement. Immediately following it up with the irresistibly danceable ‘Nothing Without You’, they’re off to a flyer.


It’s a sell-out crowd tonight, and an enthusiastic one at that. The end of every song is almost drowned out by a chorus of adulation, while those closest to the front of the action are more than happy to match the incredible energy of the band themselves. Good times are guaranteed all round.

These four don’t say a whole lot while on stage and even when they do, it’s only to up the enthusiasm some more. “Sing along if you know the words,” encourages bassist Celia Archer before they dive into ‘Cupid’. Judging by the reception that and so much of the set enjoys, it won’t be long before the “if” becomes redundant. These tracks are indelibly etching themselves in The Big Moon’s already devoted following’s minds – a following that seems to be growing endlessly.


As lead singer Jules Jackson – appropriately sporting a shirt as bold as her band’s ambitions – launches herself into the crowd to go surfing on penultimate number and instantly impressive new cut ‘Bonfire’, the love for The Big Moon could barely be clearer. They end with the now anthemic ‘Sucker’ as they always do and while there’s no encore, all those who want more will no doubt get it when this most special of rising talents turn on the style at their next sell-out. They really do take to every new level they reach like it’s nothing, and every show they play only serves to justify why they should be playing bigger ones still. And they will.

– Photos by April Arabella. See full gallery here

Listen: The Big Moon – Silent Movie Susie.