The Acid // Live Review

Cargo – June 2nd

the acid

At their second gig most bands are, at best, having fun and making mistakes; probably slightly out of sync, with some fantastically awkward stage banter. The Acid are not most bands. Taking to the stage to give us a sneak peek of their upcoming album, they are here to meticulously run through the incredible songs they’ve put together.

In the most impressive moments, their songs sound massive, with emphasis on dynamics and the juxtaposition of the powerful to the soft, making every nuance of each track stand out. ‘Creeper’, which can sound inflexible and cold on record, comes to life live and has everyone wide eyed, building an excitement you can actually feel for the treats that might follow. ‘Fame’ and ‘Basic Instinct’ are standouts on the record and standouts on the stage. These are the tracks that are going to propel this band into the mainstream, of that there is no doubt; anyone in the room who isn’t totally captivated during these tracks is dancing, actually dancing.

With such complex and intricate songs played fully live (as we are frequently reminded throughout the set) it’s always going to be tricky for a band, especially on their second show, to really immerse themselves in the moment, in the show and in the audience. ┬áNo amount of rehearsal can prepare you for the stage and the way the sound changes in different environments, and the band suffer somewhat from not doing what most bands do, not getting more involved, not necessarily having fun. We want the meaty bits meatier, we want passionate bits to be overflowing and most of all we want a performance.

It cannot be overstated how huge the tracks that The Acid have produced are and without a doubt it’ll take them far. But with more shows behind them, as they become more comfortable in their performance and ability, their live set will become a fully formed masterpiece.