London quartet Teleman have been making infectious indie pop since 2012. From the ebb and flow of the super catchy ‘Tangerine’ to the giddy upbeat rush of ‘Dusseldorf’ and, of course, their minimalist 2013 break-out track ‘Cristina’, theirs is a sound difficult to categorise, borrowing tips from across a variety of genres to create a feel-good sound that’s just as addictive live as on record.

Ahead of their show at O2 Forum Kentish Town on 1st November, we asked Teleman to run us through five songs that have influenced their sound.

‘The Look’ – Metronomy
We toured with Metronomy which was a very memorable experience. This song was always a highlight of the set when we watched them each night. It’s one of those songs that you wish you wrote; the brilliant riff at the start that hooks you in, a simple groove, lots of space in the instrumentation, and an amazing synth solo at the end!

‘Moonshake’ – CAN

From 1973, this song from the German Krautrock band is much more upbeat than most of their more ambient themes. We are all fans of Can, and the repetitive driving beats of songs like this have filtered through into much of our music. Its also great to hear the soft, lazy vocal delivery juxtaposed with the harder hitting drum/bass combo.
‘Oh Baby’ – Micachu & The Shapes

When we were making Brilliant Sanity, Dan Carey, our producer, got a package that contained Micachu’s album “Good Sad Happy Bad” and we listened to in his studio by the light of a 100 coloured lightbulbs. The song “Oh Baby” is minimal yet so powerful, this weird and beautiful song was a perfect one to listen to during the recording.

‘I Am The Walrus’ – The Beatles
We are all influenced by The Beatles in some ways, who wouldn’t be? This John Lennon song has got a tricky chord change and doesn’t settle. It feels like you’re in a maze and keep going around in circles. It’s amazing to see a band that having massive success and being so creative at same time.

‘Hallogallo’ – Neu!
A great opener from Neu’s Debut album. A pretty straight danceable 4/4 drum beat and some beautiful guitar textures which doesn’t make you bored to listen to for 10 minutes. This simple yet addictive minimal approach influences Teleman‘s sound.

Live: O2 Forum Kentish Town, 1st November