TelegramGramgram – February 5th

Clearly the minimum requirements for being in Telegram are that you have to own copies of Roxy Music’s For Your Pleasure and Brian Eno’s Here Come The Warm Jets – both on vinyl of course – and some black skinny jeans and leather winkle pickers wouldn’t go amiss. What their debut album Operator really proves though, is that this seemingly superficial vetting process yields a genuinely exciting experimental rock and roll band. It’s safe to say that with the sheer astral infectiousness of tracks like ‘Follow’, ‘Regatta’ and ‘Aeons’ they’re a firm contender for London’s best meat-and-potatoes kind of rock and roll band.

Kicking things off with the explosive ‘Rule Number One’ the band launch a fifty minute sonic assault that’s so utterly flooring it’s hard not to be mesmerised at the sheer deftness of it all. Their preference for all things seventies art rock is craftily realised and they’re no dullards. Frontman Matt Saunders’ Bryan-Ferry-via-Caerphilly singing voice is everything that proper rock and roll should be: irreverent, playful, eccentric and exhilarating. What’s most exciting about the group is the prospect of where they’re headed from here on out. If they channel their chemical energy through some new sonic textures they’ll be standing on the shoulders of their heroes – and that’s very high indeed.

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Live: Moth Club – March 3rd (w/ Warm Brains)