103199Warner Bros. Records – June 3rd

Do you remember the spring of 2007, when we all got really into Wii Bowling? And then we figured out exactly how to twist the Wiimote in order to get a strike so we just kept getting strikes every single go? Tegan & Sara have figured out exactly how to twist the Wiimote of pop. They seem to have taken the formula they came up with on 2013’s Heartthrob and honed it, added some extra shimmer, infused it with even more love and heartache and come up with the world’s catchiest bops tailor-made for shouting along to as you clutch your BFFs in the middle of a sweaty crowd. Love You To Death may not quite be a 300 point game, but it’s just as well. Wii Bowling got a bit boring after that, didn’t it?

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Live: KOKO – June 22nd