Teen – The Way and Color // Album Review

teenCarpark // April 22nd

It is remarkably difficult to place your finger on who, or what, has primarily inspired Brooklyn act TEEN’s second LP, The Way And Color, a record seemingly creaking under the weight of its numerous influences. At first glance, the majority of tracks unfold as shimmering pop gems –

pleasant, dismissible bluster – but swiftly veer down avenues that ooze layers of rich trip-hop melody and off-kilter rhythms, often punctuated by barmy bursts of squelchy euphoria. Teeny Lieberson’s falsetto, meanwhile, is gorgeously syrupy in texture, smudging Sticky and Reconsider into serenely soulful waters.While previous material remains impressive, it lacked identity. TEEN have finally unearthed an offbeat R&B that suits them rather perfectly.


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Live: The Lexington – July 22nd