Teen Creeps – Birthmarks // Album Review

PIAS – April 6th

Pop punk and emo have been clammily holding hands and stealing loaded glances for yonks, and Teen Creeps almost manage to seal the deal with a smooch. There are plenty of sonic touchpoints on Birthmarks – Joyce Manor, Placebo, Swain – but not much of the special sauce needed to elevate a debut above its influences. Expect taut, introspective indie in the traditional mould. To their credit, Teen Creeps have been glaring hard at the punk rock crib sheet, with a sawblade guitar opener in the caustic ‘Sidenote’ and a smattering of heavier-footed moves on ‘Will’. If you’ve stuck your head in a speaker since Modern Baseball dropped Sports you’ve heard this before, but its familiarity never feels tiresome.

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