We spoke to Ted Jasper, the artist responsible for the first release on Jamz Supernova’s project, club night and now label, Future Bounce.

Fast becoming an influential purveyor of the future beats scene through her various projects including her show on BBC 1Xtra, Jamz Supernova is ahead of the wave when championing the next generation of emerging musical talent and Ted Jasper is next on her list.

The One Day EP is now up for preorder, scroll down to see and hear some of the tracks that have inspired his sound.


St Germain – Mary L

Probably the first ‘producer/artist’ I was ever introduced to, my parents played Navarre’s album ‘Tourist’ so much when I was growing up that it’s probably seeped into my bones. This track from St Germain’s new album blew me away, it keeps to his timeless Acid Jazz style but goes so deep, you can feel the thought and time put into the arrangement.


Nicolas Jaar – Fight

I studied Music Technology for a year in Cornwall before finishing in Bristol, they had wicked facilities and I’d usually be the last person in the studios. It was great to have a room to myself but I also stayed behind knowing that I’d get a chance to learn from the wise and mystical studio technician ‘Johnny’. He’d always point me in the right direction, one afternoon I was asking him how to get a better mix on a track and he showed me this masterpiece.


Ebo Taylor & The Sweet Beans – Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara

My Girlfriend and I stumbled upon this diamond, we both love Ebo Taylor’s music and show this track to everyone who wants to hear some West African Funk! Gonna be playing this all through the summer.


Moodymann – Desire

Man this is such a beautiful song, Moodymann always balances musical elements so perfectly, this could be my favourite of his, I love the refrains and the way José’s vocals swirl in and out of the music. I caught Moodymann playing alongside Carl Craig at Ministry of Sound late last year and the atmosphere was incredible.


Jacques Greene – Nordschleife

This is a huge track from Jacques Greene I’ve kept coming back to since it came out a couple of months ago, it’s become a bit of a benchmark for me and my girlfriend to measure new music to! I love the combination of stripped back club and soul.

The first single ‘Go On’ from his One Day EP is out now.