Tales of the City // PINS


Come to London, drink beer, watch bands,hang with Henry the American football player from Dawson’s Creek and cut down on that overrated sleeping stuff. The PINS guide to succeeding at A-Levels (and maybe life) sounds good to us:

The 18th June 2007 was my first ever London show.  It was a Monday night before one of my Music A-Level exams, so I should’ve been at home studying or getting an early night or whatever, but instead I was at the (then) Monto Water Rats near King’s Cross for the first ever Huckster Club night, curated by XFM’s Marsha Shandur and her friend Cerian.  The bill was Tellison, Cats and Cats and Cats, Hearts Under Fire, My First Tooth and Pagoda.  (A FIVE BAND BILL, on a Monday, in London!?)  My bandmade Ross and I hopped on the train down from Northampton with cans of Guinness in hand.  It was quite surreal, because Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire, Last Days, Dawson’s Creek) was in Pagoda.  Why was I in London on a Monday?  Why was Michael Pitt there?  He gave us his band’s album.  It was weird and I’m pretty sure they all wore matching ‘Pagoda’ T-shirts.  It was a super fun night anyway – the gig was really busy and sweaty, I felt very excited to be there (and a bit guilty), I danced to Tellison (for the first of many times in my life), drank some beers and got home at 3am having fallen asleep on the last train.  My exam was at 9am and somehow, despite being more than a little groggy in the morning, I managed to totally nail it.  The moral of this story is – if you party on schoolnights, you get A grades.

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