Tales From The City // Farewell JR

Post image for Gig Preview: Maps & Atlases/Farewell J.R, the Green Door Store, 7 March


The dynamic and moving tracks of Farewell JR’s debut ep may have been recorded, in parts, all over the globe, but here we invite frontman Nick Rayner to tell us a tale of times rooted in London, and are treated to warm recollections of slightly woozy, very boozy encounters.

Quite often before, after, and in-between dates on tour, I would sometimes stay in a small, incredibly surreally decorated flat in Russell Square that was rented out short-term for the artist I was touring with. Most details of times when we temporarily dwelled in this flat are pretty hazy as we would generally spend our time there drinking whiskey, playing music (much to the dismay of the actual residents) and cramming far too many people into a bed for any hope of actually getting a night’s sleep, for the shows ahead. I do, however, distinctly remember waking up one morning with my neck sloped over a wooden beam, my jaw aching from how my head was wedged between the wall and the aforementioned wooden beam causing a load of pressure on my teeth. While I lay there, pondering my whiskey soaked head, and as my teeth buzzed louder than a chainsaw, I did have to savour one thing; that London (and a strange phone book) had meant that a very pleasant man delivered a few bottles of whiskey at 3am straight to our front door. Sadly I don’t recall his name, though he had come to know ours.

Debut EP ‘Health’
11th March // Talking Shop Records