101640Hardly Art Records – April 1st

Seattle’s Tacocat are a band that can’t help but have fun. Even on a song where they’re asserting “don’t fuck with me” (‘FDP’) or talking about the world ending (‘I Love Seattle’) they do it with pep and enthusiasm, and via sugary earworm melodies. There’s a lot that is playful about the quartet’s new album, from its X-Files references (‘Lost Time’ refers to time loss suffered by UFO abductees, the album’s first track is called ‘Dana Katherine Scully’) to its breezy pop-punk sounds. That sense of glee extends to matters others would deliver with a heap of hand-wringing – issues of feminism like mansplaining and internet abuse. It’s a refreshing approach and one that makes Lost Time gloriously unique from start to finish.

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Live: The Lexington – May 7th