a0908914594_16Customs – October 14th

Heems and Riz MC’s identities are vital to their being. The many stylistic elements at play here serve as a reflection of their British-American Indian-Pakistani cross-cultural bond, delving into their lives as prominent brown men in the Western world that wants their downfall. Even the cover takes from classic Mughal imagery, placing a missile aircraft in there to highlight the cruel realities of many brown people living in the Middle East and Asia. Therefore, this album stands as a proud reclamation of themselves; classic Bollywood samples soar through the record, reminiscent of Madlib’s Beat Conducta Volumes 3 & 4. With references to war, the Quran, and shoutouts to Bollywood bangers like ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ from the film Dil Se, the relaxed flow of Heems perfectly complements the blistering succinctness of Riz MC.

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Live: Birthdays – November 21st