100686Secretly Canadian – April 15th

Suuns’ sonic journey over three albums is an intriguing one: a fascinating story of dissolving sounds and erosion, a shift from the propulsive dynamism of their first album towards a hypnotic sparse krautrock. Hold/Still is ominously and eerily beautiful, a headphones record, one which feels like it was created in the shadows. And it has that thrill of the noir.The first single, ‘Translate’, sets the scene with its bone-dry grooves, warped guitar line and a pervading sense of paranoia (thanks largely to Ben Shemie’s murmured vocals). ‘Careful’s ticking bomb rhythm and dark synths is another highlight. On ‘Resistance’ Shemie naggingly keeps repeating the mantra “Resist”. You can try, but it’s nearly impossible.

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Live: ICA – May 24th (sold out)