The latest release on Buenos Aires based collective and label Hiedrah Club de Baile, Sueuga Kamau’s 1973 is out today. We caught up with the Oakland-based duo to talk five influential tracks.

A release that sees Sueuga Kamau explore and reimagine their Afro-Latin Heritage, 1973 proffers hypnotic and foreboding swathes of dark club sounds. Rumbling drums and spectral incantations abound, each track imbued with potent, visceral depths of emotion. At once ethereal, transcendent, enigmatic and abrasive, 1973 is a spellbinding EP that has us longing to be immersed in the sweaty, euphoric embrace of our fave clubs’ dancefloors.

Get to know Sueuga Kamau In Five…

Arca – &&&&&

⁃ Arca’s breadth and precision as a producer is unmatched. Her mixtape &&&&& rattled our foundation and changed the way we think about composing music. Her production for some of our favorite vocalists such as FKA twigs and Bjork are listening staples.

Dj Firmeza – Somos melão doce

⁃ Kuduro has a uniquely explosive sound which is executed perhaps most effectively by DJ Firmeza. His percussive instrumental work has a big influence on the tracks we make for clubs and parties.

La Favi – Nieves de Enero

⁃ Favi’s distinctly emotive vocal range and haunting songwriting have been a staple in our current musical influences. We have been privileged to call her a friend and collaborator.

The Haxan Cloak – Consumed

⁃ The Haxan cloak, now known by his name Bobby Krlic, is one of the most talented and inspiring producers out there. His record “Excavation” (2013) remains one of our favorite in electronic music. He has since created some of our favorite soundtracks for modern horror films

Dj Lag – Ghost on the Loose

⁃ We were both shook after hearing Dj Lag’s ominous, hypnotizing rhythms for the first time. Lag is one of the pioneers of Gqom, one our favorite genre innovations in recent year.

‘1973’ is out now via Hiedrah Club de Baile.