Steam Down have been more of a mystery, an enigma, a rumour than a real band since their formation in 2017. Taking time to cultivate their sound, completely stun people with their weekly live shows and create a ground swell of real support, the excitement generated has been key to the success they’ve already achieved. From performing on Jools Holland to already having a huge London show on sale, we’ve no doubt that 2020 will deliver huge things for this energetic eight-piece.

Having grown through the UK Jazz scene, their unique and beguiling mix of Afrobeat, jazz and soul has seen them gain a multitude of fans outside these more niche scenes and connect with a mainstream audience looking for something thrillingly different. First official single, ‘Free My Skin’ is a wildly addictive casting-off of negative thoughts and anxieties, and if there’s a better way to start 2020 than with that, we don’t want to hear about it.


Live: Electric Brixton on March 11th