Starting 2016 With An Exciting Collaboration // Into The Night

In this month’s column Alan Miller, of the The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), looks at 2016 opportunities and reasons to be positive

Many of us are full of resolutions at the start of a new year and that’s all good. Some last longer than others but we at The NTIA are excited to announce, at the start of our second year, a collaboration that really is ‘win, win… win’.

I’M IN, the hugely successful app which was launched in Amsterdam has partnered with The NTIA to provide an amazing offer for the night time industry, for people that love going to concerts, events and clubs, for promoters and, indeed, for The NTIA as we seek to win over the hearts and minds of policy makers and authorities up and down the country.

So here they are: the three wins.

1: A win for venue owners, operators and, crucially, promoters – I’M IN will offset between £200 and £375 of new membership fees to The NTIA for 2016 for those undertaking a campaign on their platform. This enables a double whammy: premises and promoters get to join NTIA and benefit from additional traffic and revenue from new customers.

2: A win for event and club lovers, or as advertisers like to call us all, ‘consumers’ – with I’M IN you get the chance to ‘spin the wheel’ for all kinds of tickets and opportunities to get to see and go to concerts, club nights and more up and down the country.

3: A win, clearly, for The NTIA – new membership across the UK is hugely important; the more we represent, the further our message carries and the stronger we all are. Also, though the enormous financial challenges, and the increasing psychological pressures of continually tightening regulations, are huge for those in the night time industries world, I’M IN have taken constructive steps to support the voice of nightlife lovers – and this is the first part of what will go on to become (shh) another national campaign…

So all-in-all this is an enormous contribution for all who love our nightlife. While there is so much to do, we’re confident and excited about the year ahead. Last year saw some fantastic achievements: We Love Hackney had thousands of engaged local residents challenge the council’s wrong minded ideas about clubs, The Bussey Building had supporters challenge developers’ plans which led to both Southwark rethinking and the developers engaging and, of course, Fabric fought a valiant twelve-month fight for everyone in the UK by challenging the ever- increasing demands for fortress-like security at some of the world’s best run cultural and business destinations.

So, I shall leave you with the words of Dick Leijen, co-founder and CEO of I’M IN, as to why they have done this. I would ask you all to give I’M IN a go – try it out, it’s quite unique, spends no money on advertising and marketing and, as we all know, word of mouth is the way to go.

“As long time supporters and contributors to nightlife globally, the team at I’M IN are delighted to be working alongside the NTIA in helping raise awareness of the UK’s night time economy which is recognised worldwide for its innovation, vibrancy and diversity. In simple terms fewer venues means less choice and with almost a million music fans now using I’M IN across Europe, we feel that the continued pressure placed on music venues is something the public should be made aware of and so encouraged to support the aims of the NTIA and its members.”

Come on then y’all. You In?


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