Full Time Hobby – January 31st

What noises have you made when pleasantly overwhelmed by the power of new music – when you expected it to be good, but you didn’t expect it to be quite so good? Whatever quirky sound you made, be prepared to emote that way again when you blast (please, please play it loud) I Was Born Swimming by Squirrel Flower.

Why turn the volume up on this album? Because it is so sensitively produced. You can hear hand movements along guitar frets, as on ‘Headlights’. Its moments of quiet have a profound atmospheric depth and a high emotional volume. ‘I-80’ and ‘Red Shoulders’ provide a breathtaking opening. Later, when she sings, “My body’s buzzing as I start to dance” on ‘Street Light Blues’, yours ought to follow suit.

Photo by Ally Schmaling.

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