Speedy Ortiz – Real Hair // EP Review

speedy ortizCarpark // February 11th

You can’t move for folk negging on garage rock in 2014. Sure, electronic music is lapping up its perfectly well-deserved time in the sun, but look beyond castrated torchbearers like The Strokes and their simpering, entitled NYC offspring (Parquet Courts, I’m pointing my gnarled finger of disapproval your way) and you’ll find some choice guitar-based bites. Massachusetts’ Speedy Ortiz are a splendid example, churning out bundles of scratchily-realised thrills and in absolutely no need of a passing zeitgeist to vindicate their existence. Equal parts Eric’s Trip squall and perfectly scuzzed out pop a la The Amps, ‘Real Hair’ is tried, true and effortlessly lovable.


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