I’ve long been fascinated by the UK, and specifically its famous coleslaw – at least that’s what I thought…

I was in summer camp in Exeter when I discovered the famous local coleslaw. My teenage years were revolutionised by this discovery and I quickly began asking my mother to buy me that dish. Every bite made me feel “so British” and reminded me of the UK in the summer.

That was until the day I discovered that coleslaw was not a classic British dish at all but in fact a traditional Dutch delicacy. My life has been turned upside down! That day was actually yesterday, while Googling the spelling of the word – I am still shook as I am typing this up.

However, that does not change my love for the UK and its capital, as every other month I claim: “I’m moving to London!”

I love London for its ebullition, its musical avant-gardism, its liveliness, its unique street-style, its cultural richness, its mystery. I love listening to the sounds of London accents (even though I can’t quite distinguish them apart). I love this culture so similar to mine yet so radically different.

And most importantly I love its vivid nightlife. After my last gig at Birthdays, we ended up exploring at the club next door. They had mad DJs playing all night, everything from UK bass, to house and grime (which I love) and the atmosphere was buzzing.

I also reminisce about the New Year’s Eve I spent in Whitechapel, and the plane home I almost missed because of a party that never finished.

I’ve been told that if you ever arrive late to the airport, perhaps deep down you never want to leave. ♥

Photo by Goledzinowski.

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