With their debut album This Ascension Is Ours released last Friday, we caught up with Irish twin-sister duo Song Sung to talk five tracks that have influenced the record. 

Although they have both been music-obsessed since childhood, Song Sung’s journey to making music and the creation of this debut record has been somewhat unconventional. And this idiosyncrasy is tangible across the record as their sound holds an otherworldly essence feeling at once cosmic and futuristic whilst imbued with a spectral nostalgia.

Having studied at Belfast School of Art, Una and Georgina McGeough moved to New York over a decade ago to pursue their careers in the art world and whilst there began their distinctive songwriting approach.“We make melodies using alternative ways, but we also dabble in software” explains Georgina, “in the beginning, we created melodies by using our own vocals over some of our favourite music. Our first apartment in the East Village, was located above a bar and our back room was situated directly above the DJ booth. This is going to sound ridiculous, but it’s true, we started making melodies over the bass of the tracks coming through the floor from the bar below.”

Across This Ascension Is Ours, which they worked on with close-collaborator David Holmes, Song Sung’s folkloric, electronic soundscapes are permeated with a certain cinematic ritualism as their celestial vocal harmonies blend with ethereal melodies and hypnotic rhythms.

Get to know Song Sung In Five…

Plaid – ‘Slam’

We listened to a lot of Plaid during the making (and recording) of our album. We tend to suffocate certain albums and listen to them on heavy rotation for days. “Slam” feels urban to us, like it was born in a city after hours. Plaid’s Reachy Prints is an album that has stayed with us.

Atlas Sound – ‘Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel’

David Holmes sent us this track during the recording of our album. It’s pure euphoria. I think Bardford Cox’s solo work as Atlas Sound came up in conversation with David after we saw Deerhunter play in New York, shortly before we began working on our album.

Casino Versus Japan – ‘It’s Very Sunny’

This album was introduced to us a few years ago. This track was playing in the background while we were binding our ideas together. We wrote part of our album in Berlin in the winter, so “It’s Very Sunny” seemed like an appropriate track to spin!

Boards of Canada – ‘Left Side Drive’

It’s difficult to name just one track of BoC when we think about their albums, because we’re pretty obsessed with them. This track is pure gold, as it transports you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. It’s our ‘subway tune’ and also excellent company on a long walk. We are obviously drawn to collaborations that involve siblings, as there is another level to the synchronisation.

Aphex Twin – ‘Acrid Avid Jam Shred’

AAJS is a haunting, meditative and really emotional track. It’s 7.39 long, but still feels too short. It’s totally captivating.

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