Son Lux // Live Review

The Lexington – January 23rd

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Photos by Abi Dainton

Son Lux is unavoidable, if not through his lauded new album ‘Lanterns’ but through his beautifully crafted, completely all-consuming live show. Tonight’s show is opened by No Pain in Pop stalwart Halls, with his second album scheduled for release mere weeks away, there’s a calmness, and a strength to the band this evening not seen before. crescendos build and crash down upon us, juxtaposed to Sam Howard’s delicate vocals.

Each and every audience member can’t help but give their full attention to the stage. Mixing old favorites with newer tracks, it’s clear to see how far this band have come, and how exciting this second album is going to be.

Now Halls are a tough act to follow, but Son Lux is here to play his debut London show, and having released his latest album ‘Lanterns’ to much critical acclaim recently, we can’t wait for him to bring those tracks to life. Wasting no time in showing us what he’s capable of, the bass rumbles and hypnotic rhythms all, somehow fit perfectly together. It is a performance of precision, even more schizophrenic than on the record, and yet intensely brilliant. His vocals lie on top of everything and at no moment does the busyness of the music over come them, each word sounding like he’s reaching for something, and with it bringing a sense of euphoria.

Technically the show is quite¬† a feat, each unusual drum beat, each unusual sound slotting perfectly together to make the most energetic and consuming of music, sometimes turning into a huge rock show, sometimes taking from tribal dance. It’s that range of influences and the pattern he weaves with them that makes Son Lux so special and unique.

There’s a feeling in the room that we’ve witnessed something incredible that’ll be hard for the rest of the year to beat.

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