Son Lux – Bones // Album Review

94746Glassnote – June 22nd

“This moment: change is everything!” exclaims Ryan Lott on the opening line of his latest pop­-opus Bones. His voice is part Brandon Flowers, part Freddie Mercury; a thrilling, if slightly overblown, start to what is otherwise a deeply affecting sonic orgy of sounds, technological wizardry and anthemic melodies. Those familiar with his break­out song ‘Easy’ from 2013’s Lanterns might be surprised by the direction here. In essence it’s all the things Lott does very well thrown together. It has the noodling musicianship from his early post­rock days, evocative soundscapes as found on his compositions for film soundtracks and a deep love for hip­hop beats and production. It’s a lot to take in at first. Lott’s classical training and geeky studio antics don’t allow much room for simplicity but at the heart of this record are ornate, beautiful songs with moments that stop you in your tracks. ‘I Am The Others’ has one of the sweetest melodies you’ll hear all year. ‘Undone’ is full of frenetic percussion and twiddly guitar licks before its metamorphosis into a downbeat jazz number. ‘White Lies’ ends in a cacophony of Morse Code industrial sounds that would give The Prodigy a hard on. The only annoyance here is Lott’s explosive warbling on the aforementioned ‘Change Is Everything’ and ‘Your Day Will Come’. It’s just too much. Aside from this, Bones is an unpredictable and expertly-crafted album by an artist at his peak.

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