4AD – January 13th

Christopher Taylor aka SOHN may have taken Pitchfork’s 5.0 review of his first album, Tremors, to heart. “Tremors is nu- nu-indie R&B, cluttered, painfully stylized, and over-accessorized with baubles,” they said, and as a fuck you second album Rennen is the total opposite. Rennen is an exercise in restraint, an encyclopedia of skittering percussion and the sparsest synth settings available, all foregrounding Taylor’s vocals which are by turns prayer and party-like. There’s a reverent echo to most of the record, and the churchy vibe of tracks like ‘Still Waters’ jar with the deconstructed techno of album opener ‘Hard Liquor’. They come together in the final song – ‘Harbour’ – three minutes of gentle spiritualism before the closing minute of the record: a sudden, urgent skeleton dance.

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Live: Electric Brixton – March 1st