106940Weird World – October 14th
Five years ago in a Butlins holiday camp for ATP, not too long after the release of Forever Dolphin Love, I saw Connan Mockasin play what there was of a weird and wonderful – and as of then unfinished – song about lizards (“we’ll just play what there is of it in a loop!”) Catchy as hell, it’s a relief that it now turns up as ‘Relaxed Lizard’, the opening track on Soft Hair’s self-titled debut record. Like much of the album, it’s an unmistakable Mockasin jam – surreal, other-worldly and downright groovy – only this time it’s been given a sci-fi makeover courtesy of the other half of the duo, Sam Eastwood: The glitch-beat being transplanted straight from the former Late Of The Pier man’s most recent output under the LA Priest moniker.

Along with ‘A Good Sign’ and ‘Lying Has To Stop’, it’s one of a trio of high points on the record, where two unique approaches to songwriting meld harmoniously. Lyrically it can be totally bizarre too, lines like “I like to watch you run/but I’ll never touch your bum” stand-out in particular, but elsewhere the vibe and tempo is so laid back that it slips into a sort of off-the-wall lethargy (see ‘Alive Without Medicine’). A musical equivalent to Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, you won’t have heard too much like this, but then again, it sounds exactly as you’d expect a collaboration between these two to sound.

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