SOFI TUKKER certainly knows how to bring the party. Their exuberant dance anthems has seen them nominated for a Grammy, for their debut album Treehouse, and they’ve collaborated on tracks with the likes of Pabllo Vittar and Bomba Estéreo. Ahead of releasing their new EP DANCING ON THE PEOPLE last Friday, we caught up with the vivacious duo to get know them In Short.

Comprised of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, the duo have an energy and charisma that calls to mind Confidence Man, whilst crafting their own distinctive blend dancefloor-ready anthems sung in Brazilian Portuguese. Speaking on their new release the duo detailed, “We have realized over the past year or two of touring that the thing we really want to offer to the world is a feeling of being in community in joy and celebration. We are living in a time when people are increasingly isolated and that’s where shame can grow and fester and ultimately kill our spirits. Our goal is to kill shame, set our spirits free, and be together! That is the common thread throughout the EP and throughout the next phase of our creations.” Luckily for us, they’re bringing their exuberant dance-anthems to Electric Brixton in November to lift us out of the winter blues.

We caught up with the duo just ahead of releasing their new EP to find out a little more about SOFI TUKKER.

Three words to describe our/my music (not ‘listen to it’ or variation of please)
Tucker: Fun, Free, Weird 

Sophie: dance, eccentric, world

Last photo on your phone…
Tucker: Selfie of me in Oakley’s 

Sophie: screenshot of a friend’s dog in a purple hat

Favourite Instagram account…
Tucker: @sofitukker 

Sophie: flex.mami 

The best venue I’ve played…
Tucker: Coachella (cliche but true) 

Sophie: It might sounds obvious but Coachella was really special this year

Earliest song you remember…
Tucker: House of the rising sun 

Sophie: Buena Vista Social Club, Candela.

The worst job I’ve ever had…
Tucker: I just played basketball my whole life 

Sophie: Waitress. Not even. I was a water filler. but I was just reallllly bad at it. I’d get caught up in conversation and forget to pour water. 

Favourite food on tour…
Tucker: Acai bowls, duh 

Sophie: Acai bowls. On and off tour. Always.

My Favourite word…
Tucker: Flames 
Sophie: Saudade. (How i feel about brazil always…<3)

Things that cheer me up…

Tucker: Bright Colors 

Sophie: Friendship.

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…
Tucker: With people who want to go absolutely crazy. Anywhere. 

Sophie: BRAZIL.

I think you should listen to…
Tucker: Mahmut Orhan 

Sophie: Lana Del Rey’s new album. I feel like everyone is listening to it anyway rn but god it’s good. 

If I could see anyone play live it would be…

Tucker: Stromae 

Sophie: Gilberto Gil 

SOFI TUKKER plays Electric Brixton on November 23rd, get your tickets here.