a2267117130_16Slowfoot Records – September 9th

Danalogue (Dan Leavers) and Betamax (Max Hallett) of London/Brighton synth and drums duo Soccer96 are busy boys. Better known as being two thirds of The Comet Is Coming, between them they also find time to play live with Henry Wu and Rozi Plain (Dan), be members of Super Best Friends Club (Max), and produce records by the likes of Flamingods (Dan again) – plus a hell of a lot more. So it comes as no surprise then that Soccer96 records are few and far between. In fact, it’s been four years since the release of their self-titled debut. As Above So Below is worth the wait. Dizzying, massive synths meet hypnotic, swirling drums and sparse vocal sounds, all weaved seamlessly between moods and grooves and tracks. It’s big.

Buy: Soccer96 – As Above So Below

Live: The Birds Nest – October 21st