Fat Possum – 4th August

Sophie Allison aka Soccer Mommy makes bittersweet bedroom-pop that navigates the murky waters between adolescence and adulthood. A coming of age tale, her mini-album Collection is an introspective look at the heartbreaks, lost crushes, and feelings of being an outcast during formative years; portrayed with the confidence and maturity of an artist wise beyond her age. The Nashville native had been releasing songs on Bandcamp before catching the eyes and ears of Fat Possum Records. Re-working some of those early releases, and with some new tracks, the result is a staggeringly accomplished piece of work.

Ultimately the gravity of these songs lie in their vulnerability and universality, each song feels personal. ‘3am at a party’ is devastating in its narrative, the all-too familiar feeling of seeing your crush with someone else: “I wish we had chances to talk like this / A little more often / But you were always dealing with your girlfriend’s shit / And I was always feeling broken over it.” It reads like the journal entry we’ve all written at some point in our youth. Single ‘Out Worn’ addresses the difficulties of young love, questioning how you’re seen through your partner’s eyes and the struggle to control or even live up to that image “I want to feel like I’m being admired / You only taught me to be outworn / This ain’t the love that I had desired / I’m sick of living in your eyes.” Ending track ‘Waiting For Cars’ is stunning in its fragility and grandiose in its declaration, “‘Coz I don’t want a hollow smile, I want all that’s on your face / And I don’t only want to love you, I want something that I can’t replace.”

A deeply introspective body of work, these eight songs are packed full of blooming melodies and nuances, driven by diary-entry lyrics, gentle guitar riffs and accompanying keyboard. Collection marks the official beginning of a fruitful adventure for the young singer-songwriter.

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Live: Visions Festival, 5th August