Fat Possum – March 2nd

“I wanna know her like you / I wanna be that cool” sings Sophie Allison, early into her debut album Clean. The twenty-year-old Nashville artist has outgrown the bedroom where her journey as Soccer Mommy began, yet this selection of songs maintains all the chilling intimacy we came to love from Collection, while the production of Gabe Wax has added a fullness and instrumental intricacy to proceedings.

Allison’s songwriting is as beautifully bare as ever, with tracks like ‘Blossom (Wasting All My Time)’ and opener ‘Still Clean’ putting her flawless vocal front and centre; the former providing one of many moving moments on Clean. That punk-tinged attitude is never far away though, as ‘Skin’ and ‘Last Girl’ show a crunching, snarling side, all coming together to prove that Allison is indeed that cool.

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Live: Moth Club on March 6th and Scala on September 13th