Home to the likes of CLT DRP, Inwards, Bonniesongs and more, Small Pond Records is a community-driven creative hub in Brighton that functions as a recording and rehearsal studio space, a label and also as promoters. We caught up with the Small Pond crew to see what albums they’ve got on rotation during lockdown.

Although their doors are currently closed, Small Pond still have a lot going on with their ‘Lockdown Sessions’ live streams, a mesmerising new record from Inwards out earlier this month, as well as upcoming releases from Wild Cat Strike and CLT DRP. Speaking of the latter CLT DRP’s Annie Dorrett plays their next online gig tomorrow night with plenty more sessions coming up. And whilst the studios are shut there’s a Gofundme to support the Small Pond staff; if you can help out then head over here. 

Check out their recent ‘Down Time’ session with the enigmatic Slugabed and delve into some of the records the Small Pond team are listening to at the moment below.

Matt: BAMBARA – Stray

This managed to get released just before the world went on lockdown and now is the sound of the weird empty streets when I look outside. It sounds like the soundtrack to a ‘goth western’ B-movie starring Bella Lugosi as a Vampire cowboy and narrated by the ghost of Jonny Cash…

Liam: Masayoshi Fujita – Stories

In this selection of enigmatic and playful vibraphone compositions, Fujita seems to superimpose the realm of the imaginary over that of reality, flitting ephemerally between the two without settling on either; much like my current state of mind.

Sam: Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works Volume II

I just love the mood of the album and the overall feeling of space in the production.

George: Sigur Rós – ( )

I struggle to work to music that has lyrics as I find it distracting and find myself getting sucked into the meaning, melody, chord structure. This beautiful album uses the made-up language of ‘Hopelandic’ so the meaning purely comes from the emotion of the music and the listeners’ interpretation.

Dave: Beach House – Depression Cherry

The perfect album to sit in the bath and forgot that the physical world exists.

Vlad: Horse Jumper of Love – So Divine

The songs are so beautifully sad that it feels quite alright being sad while listening to them.

Dan: Deerhoof – Mountain Moves

Recently rediscovered an obsession with Deerhoof. They’re quoted saying “we are simultaneously living in two worlds, one a maniacal, mainstream monoculture hell-bent on driving humankind into extinction, the other a churning underground teeming with ideas and dogged optimism and the will to thrive and survive. Mountain Moves refutes the former by ecstatically celebrating the latter” – which seems more relevant than ever at the moment.

Jamie: Hole – Live Through This

I moved in with my partner last year and we just got engaged. We’ve been reliving our grunge years and forgot just how good this record is. It’s pretty much just been us eating, dancing to ‘Rock Star / Olympia’, and not getting dressed for three weeks straight in our gaff. Apt title, too.

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