Sleater-Kinney – No Cities To Love // Album Review

88616Sub Pop – January 19th

Discussing the band’s decision to end their indefinite hiatus, Carrie Brownstein told NPR, “Sleater-Kinney isn’t something you can do half-assed… we have to really want it.” The second Janet Weiss’ percussion crashes into Brownstein’s spidery guitar lick, in the opening bars of ‘Price Tag’, it’s obvious the trio are as impassioned as ever, and intent on bolstering their already-incendiary legacy. And that’s precisely what they do, unleashing a scorching set of razor-sharp punk-rock that puts killer hooks and powerhouse choruses at its heart. Not even the band know whether this reunion’s a one-off and, as Corin Tucker acknowledges on ‘Fade’, it’s this element of jeopardy that adds fuel to their fire: “If we are truly dancing our swansong, darling, shake it like never before.”


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