We spoke to Skinny Malone about five tracks that have influenced his sound ahead of his appearance at Spotlight x Casscade Presents for The Spotlight Series at Camden Assembly and we’re lucky enough to give you the first look at the official video for Skinny’s latest single ‘Rudeboi’.

Kicking off 2019 at Camden Assembly, the London venue are bringing back The Spotlight Series, a showcase of the next wave of hot acts we are tipping for the new year. They have invited back some of their favourite brands, management and agencies to curate and showcase their top picks for the year to come.

One act that particularly caught our eye is Skinny Malone. For the third instalment of the 2019 Spotlight Series on 8th January, Skinny Malone will be performing alongside Casscade, Mr Hustle and Lyne with DJ sets from CKTRL + Bisola and if that wasn’t enough, Guavz and Coco will be there on hosting duties.

If that hasn’t got you excited yet, we’re lucky enough to give you the first look at Skinny’s latest video for single ‘Rudeboi’, produced by Lukewarm, which you can view below. ‘Rudeboi’ is a fun loving contemporary take on old school traditional grime. Here we see him delve deep into more personal subjects discussing homelessness & other deeper conversations in his nonchalant way of conveying it to the listener.

If you’d like to see what else is in store at the month long Spotlight Series, you can listen to a playlist of the artists here. In the meantime, check out Skinny Malone’s top five influential tracks below.

A$AP Rocky – Goldie

This track was one of the first times I saw someone visually put what’s in my head on screen. I call my style “Hood Couture” so I mix the high end with street wear to give a whole depth. This is embodied in the video by the fur jackets and mason margiella trainers. We’re similar in the fact we both come from big cities but moved which is why we’re different from our peers. As well SpaceGhostPurrp is the pioneer of this new sound that we listen to and his influence can be seen through all of ASAP’s music.

Busta Rhymes – Dangerous

The playful nature of the track was similar to the track “Rudeboi” the way they kept up the humour through the video. I like my content to be “humorous” because it allows all my supporters to enjoy.

Krept & Konan – Metafives

There were soooo many Krept & Konan tracks to pick but this one was the one that made me want to “bar up” – they were so smooth with the wordplay, I put myself up there with the best, this is where this hunger started for me.

Skepta – Man

Everyone that knows me, knows I like Skepta, I studied his diction to help my natural sluggish voice to help give presence to my words. The visuals on this are similar to mindset of mine for the VHS low-fi feel, it’s me breaking into the scene so the break in signal is like me taking over.

Nas – One Love

When I started music professionally I took time to attach myself to an artist who I saw similarity in & with Nas his story telling ability is second to none, he can go from describing a hot day in Harlem amidst gunfire and mayhem to describing the happiness you feel holding your new born and I keep it at the forefront of my mind when writing, (lol) Nas is the reason I got my stomach tatted.

The Spotlight Series takes place at Camden Assembly from 3rd – 29th January 2019.